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Precise Eye Brow Wax Kit

Precise Eye Brow Wax Kit
Precise Eye Brow Wax Kit
Precise Eye Brow Wax Kit
Precise Eye Brow Wax Kit
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BROWS - always perfectly shaped!

The unique andmetics BROW strips will perfect any BROW in just 2 minutes. The secret to our patented BROW strips: They’re shaped to give the perfect arch –  2/3 up and 1/3 down – giving the face expression with a natural lifting effect. The hairs are removed to the root and grow back silky soft up to 4 weeks later. They are quick and easy, the perfect way to simplify your beauty routine. The strips have markings for easy positioning and can also be used as a coloring template, providing the perfect 2-in-1 benefit. Our cold wax is less irritating on the skin than warm wax or plucking individual hairs; and applications are less expensive and quicker than conventional methods. 


  • 4 pairs of BROW wax strips for women, 4 pairs of additional strips
  • Perfectly shaped strips measured using the GOLDEN RATIO 
  • Fits every BROW 
  • Removes all course dark and fine light hairs 
  • Removes hair to the root 
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free
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