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Hollywood Browzer

Hollywood Browzer
Hollywood Browzer
Hollywood Browzer
Hollywood Browzer
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Attain and Maintain the Perfect Brow all the while revealing a smoother, brighter complexion with the Hollywood Browzer.

The Hollywood Browzer gives you precisely shaped, perfectly groomed eyebrows and also removes unwanted facial and body hair instantly (peach fuzz as well as coarse hair) revealing smooth, younger looking skin while also exfoliating the skin at the same time. A simple swipe across the area of unwanted hair and the hair and dead skin cells are gone in just a matter of seconds. Leaving you the perfectly primed surface for all your skin and cosmetic products. 

  • What's Included? Each package contains: 2 Browzers, a Protective Pouch & instruction manual. Stainless steel-coated blade with safety guards on both sides that is designed not to cut or irritate the skin
  • How does it work? Unfold your Browzer. Place at a 45 degree angle on clean, dry skin. Use short gentle strokes on the area from which you want to remove hair. Hair will come off instantly with virtually no pain, redness or irritation leaving you with silky smooth skin.
  • How Long Does the Blade Last? Each Browzer lasts 2-3 months. Portable & disposable.
  • What are the Benefits? Virtually pain-free and faster than most other forms of hair removal,does not leave redness or irritation, can be used on the body – back of neck, stomach, bikini line, more affordable than waxing or threading.



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