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Velvetwire Super Charger Powerslayer — Fathom

Velvetwire Super Charger Powerslayer — Fathom
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Velvetwire created a new kind of wall charger that protects your phone and tablet. Even the charged that came with your iPhone can't compare to the speed and strength of charge of the Powerslayer.

  • Built-in surge protection to keep your devices safe
  • High speed charging of phones and tablets at up to twice the speed of standard chargers
  • Indicator light shows charging status at a glance
  • Recommended to use Velvetwire Cable for best in case charging speed

How does Powerslayer work?

Powerslayer's benefits are totally automatic. Just plug Powerslayer in and charge your phones and tablets as usual.

Inside, Powerslayer has a small computer that continuously monitors and controls the charging process, keeping things safe and optimized.

Prevent Overcharging of the Batteries in Your Phones and Tablets

While having your device's battery maxed out at 100% is comforting for device users, the batteries themselves aren't all that happy about it. Powerslayer turns off charging when the battery reaches 100% and lets it rest for a while before automatically turning back on to top off the battery again. It's called Softcharge™ and it gives batteries some time to relax, keeping them happy and at or near fully charged, automatically.

Powerslayer Has Redundant Safety Layers To Keep You and Your Devices Safe

In addition to built-in surge protection, Powerslayer has two additional levels of fuse protection for maximum safety.

Plus, Powerslayer is UL listed and exceeds Energy Star Level 5 efficiency standards.

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